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Our consultants truly understand how technologies can improve your business.


What We Do

Laptop / Desktop / Network Repair

Provide onsite and online technical support services to diagnose and repair hardware / network / software issues.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Scan and clean your site, restore application and data from recent backups, submit unblock requests to blacklists and protect your site with the latest Web Application Firewall.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

Design and implement complete data protection strategies. Protect your valuable data with onsite and offsite backups. Establish disaster recovery plan and execute drills periodically.

Intrastructure Design & Implementation

Connect your colleagues and customers within and outside your company. Design and build a robust, reliable and resilient corporate information infrastructure. Size your systems based on you current and near future capacity and reliability requirements. Monitor and fine tune the system performance according to traffic pattern.

Cloud / CDN Services

Extend your corporate network over internet. Allow colleagues and customers to access information and application securely over Internet. Improve content accessibility and speed up content delivery by utilizing global content delivery networks.

Cyber Security

Educate users to protect themselves. Install the latest tools to protect you from various cyber attacks. Improve email deliverability.

Software Application

By understanding your unique requirements, provide the most cost effective solutions to you. No matter you want to use standard software packages, custom build applications, or software as a service (SaaS), we provide services on the whole software development life cycle, implement and design, development, customization and training. Fully integrated with your business and let you improve working efficiency in every aspects.


Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

With over 30 years experience in the industry, our consultants truly understand your requirements and help you improve your business with technologies.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

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Patent Application & Management System has increased the effectiveness and efficiency of our practitioners by several folds

With this software our practitioners achieve substantial productivity gain despite less secretarial and clerical support as they can focus on substantive work that really matters

Finally, we have a software for IP practices that is user-friendly, powerful and low-cost!

Dr. Jacqueline Lui

Managing Director, Eagle IP

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